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Into Light

by M. D. Friedman


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Into Light by M. D. Friedman

Into Light is our last print publication at Liquid Light Press. M. D. Friedman, our founder and Liquid Light Press' first published poet, bookends our efforts to create printed poetry books with his legacy collection. This is the sixth poetry book from the international award winning poet, musician and artist, M. D. Friedman.

What others are saying about Into Light:

These poems are the masterwork of a different kind of man than most men I’ve known in my 73 years. He is, as we used to say, "his own man." More than a disciple of some orthodox poetry "church," you'll meet a mindful, funny, wise and compassionate person in these texts, unafraid to speak honestly and vulnerably. From Li Po to Robert Johnson, memory care to contemporary politics, grieving lament to defiant slam, MD lays it all out about as clearly as a poet can while leaving enough tantalizing mystery to feed the reader's soul for days on end. He really believes "It is a miracle to be alive."! His poems encourage me to believe it, too!!
~ wayne a. gilbert, poet and Colorado Governor's Creative Leadership Award winner

This long anticipated poetry collection opens like a portal that will rainbow a monochrome world. Reminiscent of Rumi and Hafiz, you will taste the landscape with your tongue, unable to separate your own inner body from the mountains and sky you inhabit, “not the waterfall, but the water falling,” ... “no longer sculpted by gravity.” A love poem to life herself, you will want to take your time, savoring each languid line. “I am taken by how much I need this.”!
~ Valerie A Szarek, poet, musician, Spiritual teacher and Colorado Authors League award winner

You know when you begin to read his manuscript spanning decades of his life, that M.D. Friedman is a poet and musician who captures the light then casts it over the pages - perhaps not always reaching the darkest corners, but illuminating a more remarkable life for all its vicissitudes. Whether the rhythm be felt in the exacting nature of one’s mind, or in a Colorado forest, this collection of poems will take you there then back again, where you will perhaps remember standing still, “deep into the mouth of fog”. You will know as you read on, there is hope the fog will lift, for the light to return, or perhaps experience acceptance of those affecting moments in which M. D.’s luminous words resonate: “I wish I could take you. Here in the middle/of nowhere, there is so much to share./The silence shatters into light.// It is a miracle just to be alive.”
~ Lynn Kincanon, Poet Laureate of Loveland, Colorado

Into Light Front Cover

Into Light is M. D. Friedman's first full length poetry book and reflects the experiences, observations, dreams and epiphanies of a lifetime. It speaks quietly about the calling of the heart and loudly about injustices of the world. Eclectic in style and content, this collection, connects both the inner and outer realities of a life well lived.

Now available in our Lulu Bookstore.

My newest release, INTO LIGHT: The Poems of M. D. Friedman Volume One, comes out on 10/10/23, but my Band Camp Community Subscribers have been watching me build it for last couple of months. You can buy it now for $10 (or subscribe to my full catalogue of over 40 albums for just $15 a year.) Like I said it should be hitting all the streaming services on 10/10, but if you "buy" it now (or subscribe) on Bandcamp, you will get all 23 poems from the first third of my INTO LIGHT poetry book. Volume One also includes my 2D flute poem, "forever trespass," and a bonus track of "Two as One," both from my musical poetry album, WORD, as well as two of my original digital poetry videos. Also, if you subscribe to my music community now, you will not only get my full catalogue, you also get Volume Two & Three of INTO LIGHT when they come out later this year!

Here is the video (Digital Poetry Version) of "Forever Trespass," a poem also featured in INTO LIGHT: The Poems of M. D. Friedman Volume One

All of M. D. Friedman's Digital Poetry is available for free viewing on YouTube at

(This video is featured here for your enjoyment without advertising.)

Here is the video (Digital Poetry Version) of "Know Where to Go Crazy," a poem also featured in INTO LIGHT: The Poems of M. D. Friedman Volume One

All of M. D. Friedman's Digital Poetry is available for free viewing on YouTube at

(This video is featured here for your enjoyment without advertising.)



WORD by Mad Dog Friedman features musical
compositions based on M. D. Friedman’s poetry and
includes musical versions of seven of the poems from
M. D. Friedman’s most recent poetry book, Into Light.

Here is a video of M. D. Friedman performing two poems from Into Light ("A Good Dog" and "Cruel Surgery") at the R Gallery in Boulder, Colorado, on January 24, 2023.