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We are currently looking for manuscripts that are synergistic with our mission. Our focus for the near future will be on adding new, like minded poets to our Premium Chapbook First Edition Collection. We are looking for work that not only fits this focus, but also has extreme merit in terms of both craft and message. The message must speak directly to the heart of others.

If you are interested in publishing with Liquid Light Press please contact our editor at editorATliquidlightpressDOTcom. We take only electronic submissions, publish 3 -5 manuscripts per year and have a $25 non-refundable reading fee for unsolicited works. We accept simultaneous submissions and are normally able to give a decision on your manuscript within a few weeks. If you have paid your non-refundable reading fee, you may simply attach your manuscript as a single MS Word formatted document to our editor at editorATliquidlightpressDOTcom.

Click the "Add the Cart" button below to pay the $25 non-refundable reading fee.

What we are specifically looking for:

  • Chapbook size sequences of poetry with transcendent themes synergistic with our mission. The collection should be easily readable in one sitting and all the poems in the manuscript should work together to create a transformational experience for the reader. The manuscript should be from 20-25 pages of poetry in length when printed in a 12 point font on 8.5" X 11" inch paper with each new poem starting on a new page.
  • The poetry should demonstrate a maturity of craft in service of the poem and stand well on the page. We are interested primarily in poems that work best on the printed page. (It is suggested that you submit your performance focused works in video or mp3 format to our partner site, Our partner network, the Internet Poets' Cooperative, also is looking a wide variety of manuscripts for free e-book distribution.)

What we offer poets selected for publication at Liquid Light Press:

  • Ten complimentary copies of your book.
  • We list your poetry book on our site, in our online bookstore at, as well as provide listings in major bibliographic databases that makes your title available to online retailers worldwide such as, Baker & Taylor, and Barnes & Noble. Brick and mortar book-stores, NACSCORP, and the Espresso Book Machine will also be able to order and stock your title if they desire.
  • Significant author discounts on all books shipped directly to the poet from Liquid Light Press.
  • Royalty agreements for all books sold by Liquid Light Press.
  • E-book distribution with enhanced royalties.
  • In addition to Amazon and more traditional listing services, we also utilize the popular Internet Poets' Cooperative poetry network, and Facebook along with other social networking sites to promote our authors' works.
  • Poets remain free to republish or redistribute their work in any way or form they see fit as long as it is not a a derivative replication of any Liquid Light publications.
  • Poets may submit their own artwork or photographs for use in the cover design.
  • Our editors will collaborate with you to produce a product of which you can be proud. Edit suggestions are about making each poem as strong as possible for connecting with the reader.