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A National Poetry Month Creative Extravaganza (featuring improvisational spoken word, meditative free jazz and live painters) at Still Cellars at 1115 Colorado Ave.

in Longmont, CO 80501

(720) 204-6064

Suggested donation of $10.

Wayne Gilbert (2018 winner of Colorado's Governor’s Creative Leadership Award) will be jamming his improvisational, Sufi jazz poetry along to the loving vibrational flow of The Astral Project. To complete the bill, three of the Left Hand Artist Group's finest live painters, Vincent BurkardtSalowa Skiredj-Salzer, and Kamla Presswalla will be creating their own amazing works of art while riding the currents of musical word love.

Please enjoy the full recording of our 2014 winter solstice live radio show featuring Rachel Kellum, Erika Moss Gordon, Lynda La Rocca & M. D. Friedman reading from their chapbooks on KFRC Radio's Poetry Show.