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Our mission is to promote the artistic sharing of the human journey to consciousness and inner experiences difficult to express in linear vocabulary. We publish poetry that landmarks spiritual evolution, is attentive to the moment and reminds us of everyday miracles. Our niche is to produce Liquid Light Press Premium Chapbook First Editions and e-books for global distribution. We are proud to present our newest book, Saved by the Dead by Robert Cooperman. We will be taking a break from publishing new manuscripts until 2021 and may resume publishing then. Meanwhile, we will still be reading manuscripts for future publication. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we focus for a while on some of our own new creative projects like M. D. Friedman's new poetic manuscript, his Visual Mantras project (www.fineartmandalas.com), the forming of a new meditative, free-jazz ensemble (www.TheAstralProject.xyz) and a new acoustic, harmonica-driven blues and jam band (www.ColoradoCountryBlues.com). We look forward to restarting the press with renewed vigor and energy in 2021.

Here's a taste of some of our poets!